Thursday, January 19, 2012



It's 10:40...(Not that late, I know) I drank some Chai tea. My Mom told me that it might keep me up, but I didn't think it would bother me.

Guess what...? I'm not tired at all!!! I kind of want to get ready for bed and climb into bed and watch another episode of Psych.....

Anyway, I just really felt like blogging, too.

So... I love the song "Down" by Mat Kearney. Have you guys heard it? Have loved it for a while.  The more I listen to it the more deeper I understand the meaning. Tip: Watch the lyric video on Youtube, he's kinda hard to understand ;)

I also really love the song "Make A Move" by Royal Tailor... The catchy vocal repeat is awesome and...well, he has a great voice.  When it comes on the radio I become very happy.

Also, kinda obsessed with Youtube beauty videos.  I already like them, and then I got to know Elissa more and she has just encouraged it (haha, I love you <3).  Sooooo really love this girl: Arose186 

Anyway... now my Mom says I have to go to bed.  Whether I'm tired or not.

Hope you enjoyed my random blogging.  What's up with you lately?

Forever His,

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

BFFs :)

Really wanted to write about one of my favorite people in the entire planet. My beautiful November Sunshine-Miranda. :)) ( Check out her own awesome blog here)

Hmmm where to start :)) Miranda is well...awesome. She loves photography, books, action, adventure, quotes, Jesus, and....other great things.

She dislike math and children (hahaha inside joke! :P)
This is us at the Civil War Ball 2011 (Homeschool Winter Formal :P)

Miranda and I have been friends for over 10 years. We celebrated our 9 yr best friend-a-versary last December :D.

We have often been the object of much joke and criticism because we were always together (they're just jealous!). Always partners in school projects, always hanging out with each other on the weekends, always sitting together in class, and, in a simpler time, always taking all the exact same classes. We pretty much have been inseparable since we were 7 years old.

The funny part is, we are as different as can be. Miranda is...well...from her family. Therefore, she is into sports and she has the reputation of being pretty tough for a girl. Me, on the other hand, am probably the biggest girly girl you could find. I love pink, I love Seventeen magazine, I am always watching makeup videos on Youtube, and I scream VERY high pitched and loudly at any sign of threat. Not to say Miranda isn't any of those things, I am just more so, that's all.

We have different talents. Miranda is superb at everything artsy whereas I am not really at all.
I really love music and videos and...well....yeah...and Miranda likes photography, art, and she is always the biggest help around her house. She genuinely has a servant's heart and is always ready to help.
She also cooks....I don't really cook very often (but I am doing it more).

Our awesome pictures of us. Haha. We are really cool.
Btw please forgive this underlined writing, I have no clue how to change it and Blogger just did that :S.

This is when Miranda won 2nd with her Track Team at State last year! Seriously one of the most awesome highlights of my teenage years.

Miranda is very fun. I can't tell you half of the awesome things we have done, crazy plans we have made, or hilarious things we have said.
We are truly freaks and if any of you knew what epic times we have had, you probably would lose respect for us.

More importantly, Miranda's heart is beautiful. She loves God. She loves other people with God's love. She is always ready to pray for people, or tell them a sweet Bible verse, or encourage them. She loves people with a sweet heart and is always ready to listen. She is ONE OF THE THE MOST GENEROUS PEOPLE I KNOW, doing many thoughtful and frugal things with her money.

This picture pretty much sums of our friendship, especially as we have gotten older.

I will always love you, my dear! You're my best friend FOR LIFE!!!!

If I was a man, I would marry you.
If I was a flashlight, you would be my batteries.
If I'm the picture, you will always be the photographer.

Here's to many more years of happily ever after, Bestie! ;)

Post #13: An Interview With a Fellow Blogger

For this post I am going to interview one of my best friends.

Her awesome personal blog (HIGHLY RECCOMEND!!!) is Inexpressible Joy.

Hailing from good ole Ar-Kansas, without further ado....Elissa :D

What is your favorite color?
Blue!! I love blue :). But, I like black, green, purple, and pink too. In that order…kinda.

What chore is your favorite and what chore is your least favorite?
My favorite around-the-house chore is doing dishes. It makes me feel relaxed. I like to think/pray while I'm doing it. I otherwise strongly dislike cleaning. So, cleaning the bathroom is probably my least favorite.

Name your most favorite bands/artists?

Oooh, this question will have an overwhelmingly long answer ;)

(No particular order)

Stephanie Smith
Building 429
Anthem Lights
Thousand Foot Krutch
Hawk Nelson
Family Force 5
FM Static
Tenth Avenue North

What is your favorite school subject and what is your least?
I like school. I'm so weird. Favorite: English/Literature. Least favorite: Math.

What is your aim with your blog?
Hmm, good one. I most of all would LOVE for God to use what I write on my blog to bring other people closer to Him. That kind of sounds cheesy, but I was legit FLOORED when a couple of people told me that reading my blog actually did just that. My biggest dream is to write anything that reaches people…so that's what I'm doing :).

What has God been teaching you lately?
1) God's been changing me. I have to be careful sometimes, because I actually believe I'm becoming a "better person" or something. More correctly, I'm becoming more aware of how much I need Him. And that doesn't change when I'm having a bad day.

2) I'm also learning that it doesn't really matter what happens to me, doesn't matter how broken, foolish, empty, rotten I feel, He's still there and somehow still LOVES me.

Do share with me your lovely philosophy on singleness :)))))
Hehe. Well, I have learned (the hard way!) that God's perfect will for me is what I want to pursue. If it's in His plan, He's got somebody absolutely wonderful for me out there, and I don't have any reason to believe He needs any help in that department :). Thus, I don't ever plan on dating around.
Also, this is kinda crazy, but I had this thought hit me the other day: for now, I don't actually EVER want a boyfriend. Someday, I may want a husband. But I'm okay with just seeing what tomorrow holds.
And I KNOW, honestly, it's much harder said than done to live that out. But, all I can do is constantly surrender my emotions and desires to God--I sure as anything can't control them myself. It's also about respecting other people and treating them with "absolute purity."

And please describe your awesome life living on a mountain :))
Haha! I live on a 147 acre farm with my family of 7. We raise lots of animals, and we spend a large amount time caring for those animals, and also showing them and other fun stuff through 4-H. :) I also do school, ride horses, and just live on the mountain, lol. Living on a "mountain" (big hill=mountain in AR) is awesome because there's no flood risk. But tornadoes are a scary thought, because we are up higher :S.


That's all! I really love this girl...

Post #12: A Movie Review

My movie is..........................:


Alot of you have probably never seen this movie, or even heard of it.
It is one of my Dad's favorite movies and so after a lot of debate, I finally watched it.
A couple falls in love with Paris during WWII after knowing very little about each other. The woman, Ilsa, was previously married but believed her husband to be dead. The man, Richard, is somehow going to be caught by the Germans for something that was not quite clear to me, therefore, he and Ilsa devise a plan to get away before the Germans march into Paris. However, Ilsa leaves Rick with a note telling him simply that she loves him but can never see him again. Then, years later they run into each other in Casablanca, a town in Morocco. Ilsa is married (she had to leave because she found out her husband was alive), and Rick owns a saloon and has become a very selfish man. The rest of the film involves Ilsa and her husband trying to escape Casablanca.

Apparently, this movie is very near and dear to the baby boomer generation, who can identify with it quite well since WWII was still prevalent to them growing up. As for me, I can identify with that time period as much as oil mixes with water, so the war factor of the movie did not interest me. However, I did enjoy the love story. I would rate it as a moderate movie, but it all depends on what person you talk to. It has never gotten a bad review and many people love it, so I think it is an excellent movie.
There was nothing bad in it at all except some inappropriate dress and *gasp* kissing.


Monday, January 9, 2012

Post #11: Write About A Sibling and What You Appreciate About Them

Here I am...again....I think I am an over blogger type of person. Haha :P

Anyway, I already wrote about my older brother so I am going to write about my middle brother, Rexford.

Rex and I were semi-closeish growing up. We definitely had our spats and problems as all siblings do, but Rex and I were even more so conflicting then my older brother and I.
I'm sure I well deserved it, as I am more than worthy of the "Annoying Little Sister" award. Thank God Jesus saves :))

Moving on, Rex loves video games, books, tea, and Rollin. He enjoys being in two bands (One metal , the other techno!/pages/Green-Eyes-Watch-Skies/158482114231765?sk=wall ).

One of my favorite past times is simply watching Rex for hours playing his video games. On occasion I play with him but he always wins (of course).

I really appreciate how close Rex and I are now. He is never hesitant to give me hugs and pinch my cheeks or drive me anywhere, the latter of which is highly appreciated and recognized.

Rex and I occasionally have similar musical tastes and don't really clash musically. He enjoys listening to all types and I enjoy sampling his more exotic music.

Favorite Rex Quotes:
"Vote straight Jonas Brothers with the exception of Taylor Swift"
"You don't read enough."
"I am a man of high fashion"
"I just want an entire house overflowing with books"
"Everyone at *unsaid place* is ugly."
"You need a new white shirt"

"I need more coffee"
And many more hilarious things that he says... (He is REALLY funny!)

I love how he is very sweet and kind all the time and shows me many new and unique things in life that I probably would have never known.

I love you Rex!!!!

Post #10: A Poem You Have Written

I am not really much of a poetry writer...I more write songs, which is kinda the same thing. But most of them aren't very good (In other words, I don't want to share them) so I wrote a poem a couple of days ago just for you, bloggers! Yes, it's short and simple, but it's about my favorite time of year:


Every day
I laugh and play
Under the summer sun
Nothing to be done
The days are long
I sing many a song
No school
Six months til Yule
Flavored treats in lime
It's summertime!

Yep.....that's it.


I'm a third of the way through this post challenge :))

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Post #9: Post Some Things You Are Afraid Of

I just really want to get this post over with soooooooo

I am afraid of:
Serial killers
Drunk People
and a bunch of other stuff I don't wanna post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Awesome Blog Post

Hey! My friend Libbi from The Funner Life wrote this AWESOME post and I wanted to share it with ya'll.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Old Post

Wrote this a couple months ago, never posted it til now and then my blog puts it in October.

Post #8: A Desert Tutorial

So...I haven't actually made this. But I am planning on it!


Slice a nice firm banana into slices. Thick slices, say one inch (the size of your top thumb part)
Take fruit roll-ups or fruit by the foot, something like that and wrap it around said banana.
Take some candy and put it on top.
I was thinking of drizzling choco syrup on the top...maybe choco chips for the candy on top? Does anyone think nerds would be good?
Just brainstorming here....lemme know if you have any ideas at all. I really would like some different ideas for the candy topper.

Yeah, just wanted to get this post over with....I don't really cook...