Thursday, January 19, 2012



It's 10:40...(Not that late, I know) I drank some Chai tea. My Mom told me that it might keep me up, but I didn't think it would bother me.

Guess what...? I'm not tired at all!!! I kind of want to get ready for bed and climb into bed and watch another episode of Psych.....

Anyway, I just really felt like blogging, too.

So... I love the song "Down" by Mat Kearney. Have you guys heard it? Have loved it for a while.  The more I listen to it the more deeper I understand the meaning. Tip: Watch the lyric video on Youtube, he's kinda hard to understand ;)

I also really love the song "Make A Move" by Royal Tailor... The catchy vocal repeat is awesome and...well, he has a great voice.  When it comes on the radio I become very happy.

Also, kinda obsessed with Youtube beauty videos.  I already like them, and then I got to know Elissa more and she has just encouraged it (haha, I love you <3).  Sooooo really love this girl: Arose186 

Anyway... now my Mom says I have to go to bed.  Whether I'm tired or not.

Hope you enjoyed my random blogging.  What's up with you lately?

Forever His,


  1. Make a move!!!! <3 <3

    I'm sorries....I shouldn't share my addiction :P. Youtube beauty vids are very good, to a point, as long as you don't start watching ones where the girl cusses (bad Elissa. How could you -_-). But Arose186 is so sweet, I like watching her <3

  2. Haha! What is up with this Grav3yardgirl? She doesn't seem that cool.... :S

  3. Hahah i don't know...i just liked a couple of her vids...


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