Tuesday, January 17, 2012

BFFs :)

Really wanted to write about one of my favorite people in the entire planet. My beautiful November Sunshine-Miranda. :)) ( Check out her own awesome blog here)

Hmmm where to start :)) Miranda is well...awesome. She loves photography, books, action, adventure, quotes, Jesus, and....other great things.

She dislike math and children (hahaha inside joke! :P)
This is us at the Civil War Ball 2011 (Homeschool Winter Formal :P)

Miranda and I have been friends for over 10 years. We celebrated our 9 yr best friend-a-versary last December :D.

We have often been the object of much joke and criticism because we were always together (they're just jealous!). Always partners in school projects, always hanging out with each other on the weekends, always sitting together in class, and, in a simpler time, always taking all the exact same classes. We pretty much have been inseparable since we were 7 years old.

The funny part is, we are as different as can be. Miranda is...well...from her family. Therefore, she is into sports and she has the reputation of being pretty tough for a girl. Me, on the other hand, am probably the biggest girly girl you could find. I love pink, I love Seventeen magazine, I am always watching makeup videos on Youtube, and I scream VERY high pitched and loudly at any sign of threat. Not to say Miranda isn't any of those things, I am just more so, that's all.

We have different talents. Miranda is superb at everything artsy whereas I am not really at all.
I really love music and videos and...well....yeah...and Miranda likes photography, art, and she is always the biggest help around her house. She genuinely has a servant's heart and is always ready to help.
She also cooks....I don't really cook very often (but I am doing it more).

Our awesome pictures of us. Haha. We are really cool.
Btw please forgive this underlined writing, I have no clue how to change it and Blogger just did that :S.

This is when Miranda won 2nd with her Track Team at State last year! Seriously one of the most awesome highlights of my teenage years.

Miranda is very fun. I can't tell you half of the awesome things we have done, crazy plans we have made, or hilarious things we have said.
We are truly freaks and if any of you knew what epic times we have had, you probably would lose respect for us.

More importantly, Miranda's heart is beautiful. She loves God. She loves other people with God's love. She is always ready to pray for people, or tell them a sweet Bible verse, or encourage them. She loves people with a sweet heart and is always ready to listen. She is ONE OF THE THE MOST GENEROUS PEOPLE I KNOW, doing many thoughtful and frugal things with her money.

This picture pretty much sums of our friendship, especially as we have gotten older.

I will always love you, my dear! You're my best friend FOR LIFE!!!!

If I was a man, I would marry you.
If I was a flashlight, you would be my batteries.
If I'm the picture, you will always be the photographer.

Here's to many more years of happily ever after, Bestie! ;)


  1. Aww! How sweet! :) love this post!

  2. Oh my goodness, this is so amazing. I adore you so so much! you are so benevolent :) and I loved seeing our friendship through your perspective in words! our friendship is truly a priceless gift from God <3


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