Friday, June 15, 2012

Post #20- A Craft Tutorial!

Ok so this is NOT really a craft tutorial.
1. I am not crafty
2. This is just a cool idea i had.

I clip my flower hair clips onto my curtains.  I think it's so cute to have the flowers run down the curtains and keep the clips nice instead of getting them squished somewhere else.

YES my enthusiasm is fading for some of these posts :S BUT the next one is someone i look up to and I think that will be a good one!!

I just need to be in the mood to blog and sometimes I will be, and sometimes I won't :P

Forever His,

I did it!



Love, Dorothy :)

PS. I hopefully will have more pictures on here now because I got my camera back from my sister who needed it for work!

PPS.  I will be in camp next week but will post more when I get back!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

AMTC Update

Hey ya'll! So...looking at expenses to go to the SHINE convention, my family has made the decision to wait until January to go.  That way we have more time to fundraise...and...yeah, it was just turning out to be MAJORLY expensive that we couldn't do so fast.  It's good though, I'll be closer to graduation, have more time to prepare, and more time to raise money.  I am a bit dissapointed, but I really think it is the better option. At least I still get to go!  But this way I can be more polished for the big event :))

On the plus side...THIS ALSO MEANS I CAN DYE MY HAIR PINK THIS SUMMER!! hahahahaha! Sorry....this makes me so happy :))

Always His,