Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Father, I'm really glad I met you.  I'm really glad you changed my life.  I really glad I get to be loved by You.  I'm really thankful that you took my punishment when it seems like all I do is do it wrong.  Thank you that it's never too late to turn around.

(Yes this is a Taylor Swift song and it is secular, but I really liked these lyrics. I think they apply to meeting God)

I feel like this is how my walk with God has been: I look back on my life and see how He was always there.

Love you Jesus! xoxoxoxo

Monday, April 2, 2012


Waiting for my tv show to load as I *enjoy* my faint internet from whoever the Williams Family is... :P

How is everyone doing?
I have been busy with school and stuff.  Semester classes are ALMOST over, so working to get things done.
I got a job!  My brother manages college pro painting in my town and I got a job cold calling for him! I basically go to people's houses and ask them if they want to schedule a free estimate.  I get payed pretty good , it is only 6 hours a week, and it is really fun to go with the other teen, so I really like it!
After I finish my classes I have to dig into my grammar really hard and finish half the book by the end of May when Summer Break starts. It will probably be really hard. Pray for me?

I am also going to start studying for the ACT. That is sort of exciting I suppose. :S

Can't believe Junior year is almost over. I'm actually almost a SENIOR!!! Wow.
(Anyone ever seen that Hannah Montana episode where they rant on saying "BECAUSE WE'RE SENIOR!!!"? Yeah, well, Miranda and I are TOTALLY going to do that!)

Dog training is going really well. I actually think he is making progress! That's great!  We are in advanced now and will probably retake intermediate when we're done.  I took him to a park where my friend was having a get together and he did REALLY well (except for barking the whole time he was tied to the table while we were playing ultimate frisbee, but he loves frisbees and he loves people, so I can't blame him too much)!!

LOVING Britt Nicole's new album GOLD!! It is a great Christian pop album!  Have listened to it about 5 times straight since buying it. It is SO good. My current favorite songs are Gold, Look Like Love, and Still That Girl. Oh, and Stand!

You should check it out and, of course, BUY IT!!!!!

Also REALLY been into Mat Kearney....his singles have been SO GOOD and I think I will buy his album soon! Check out "Down" and "Ships in the Night"!!!!

I think that is all I have for now....

Always His,