Thursday, August 30, 2012


Wow....has anyone noticed that writing a blog post sort of seems impossible when you don't have much to say?  Haha...the long white post descending....and descending.....


~I started school. Senior year is going to amazing. Minus the school, but.

~ I am at work on my music! One song finished, one song almost finished, and two in the making ;).  Also have cover songs I need to work on.



Monday, August 20, 2012

It's the Little Things...

Sometimes I think we can drown in discontent.  We want this that and the other, our family is SOOO annoying, our friends aren't perfect, and we don't have enough money.  Or maybe it's bigger things. You're depressed, you're sick, you're overloaded, you're far from God, you're having relational problems and you feel alone.  Nothing works, everything is miserable, and you're not quite sure how you're gonna get through today.

I am not undermining these things, they are so important.  I have been in a hard place, and am going through tough stuff right now. But something I realized a couple days ago is that concentrating on the little things and being thankful for them provides little pieces of comfort.  Focusing on God's goodness even in the midst of trial can help provide sunshine to a dark situation.

For me, it was my dog.  Our city had its first official dog swim and I had such a good time taking Bear there. When I was picking out my dog, I knew I wanted a dog that loved water, and I prayed for that.  I also knew I wanted a dog that was loyal and stayed by me without having to be leashed.  God blessed me with all this in a shelter dog!  At the dog swim there must have been 20 or 30 plus other dogs, but yet Bear chose to stay by me and never went too far away.  I oftentimes am very embarrassed in public with him because he is still a puppy and can get very excited. Since he is close to 80 pounds this proves very hard for little me to control him.  So at the dog swim it was so nice to see that even though he still had a lot to learn, he HAS come a long way and God has blessed me with an INCREDIBLE dog and just what I wanted.  I am so thankful.

What little things are you thankful for? Hope this helps bring some sunshine to your day!

Forever His,