Saturday, October 8, 2011

Rainy Day Post

NOTICE: My computer has not been letting me blog lately so that is why I haven't been on. :D I think it's working now!

Well, it is the first really cold day of this fall. It's been raining outside all day.
So, I guess it is officially fall weather. I will miss summer, but I am somewhat excited.
Nothing cheers me up about this drear weather more than SHOPPING!! My Dad gave me some wardrobe money so I went to Plato's Closet and bought some much needed pieces.
First order of business-Jeans!!! I only have two pairs of jeans that I wear regularly (well, 3 I guess). One flair pair that my sister gave me, another one that I have only been wearing out of necessity that I think I my sister gave me, and my skinny jeans-which I wear for special occasions.
The first pair actually wore a big hole in the knee in it. My Mother CANNOT STAND holes in jeans and so she cringed everytime I would wear them. They were kinda uncomfortable anyway, so I needed some new pairs.
We found 2 great pairs, one of them being dark jeans (I am IN LOVE with dark jeans :P), cashing in at $12 and $16 (can you say "DEAL!!").
Then I found another pair of skinny jeans (yay!). (Those were $18)
Then my Mom thought I needed a new hoodie, so I got this cute grey one with a fur hoodie and purple fabric on the inside. Very warm and cozy. AND, it was only $8!!
Then I got this adorable over jacket thing, can't really describe it, but it will go great with my church outfits, I think. Then maybe I won't be cold half the time, haha!
Then I got this cozy grey knit shirt.
Add on a beautiful birthday gift for my friend Elizabeth, and it was a great trip!
It was $60 dollars, but considering how much I got and the need of it all, it was good!