Saturday, August 20, 2011

New Hobby: Creatively Making Delicious Food

So, I have recently discovered a new hobby: cooking!
I have never really, say, LIKED cooking, even though I did do it occasionally. Also I fail to be creative when cooking. So I look in the refrigerator and if there's nothing immediatly prepared I close the door and go hungry. Recently, I've been getting creative, though! Here are two recipes that I came up with:

Pepperoni String Cheese Quesedillas:

You will need:
Almost one string cheese stick for each quesedilla
Tortillas (I prefer corn)
Pepperoni (3-5 per quesedilla)
NOTE: You may also use regular cheese for this but the string cheese kinda makes it fun. It's sort of a waste of string cheese so I understand if you want to use regular, I use regular myself alot of times.

String the cheese so it makes little strips. Heat the tortillas in a flat skillet (or whatever you have) on medium heat. When the tortillas are warm, arrange the string cheese in a weaved way, sort of like a pie(## down, ##across), or however you want to so that it covers most of the tortilla. Regular cheese simply spread it all over :P. Then place the pepperoni however you would like it (use as much or as little as you want). Then cover with the other tortilla and cook on both sides until the tortilla is a little brown or the cheese is all melted. If you wait until its brown it will be crunchier but it is good both ways.


Next recipe:

Meatloaf Eggs

You will need:
Eggs (4 eggs served me and my Dad pretty well)
Green peppers (optional)
Meatloaf!! (A good way to use leftover meatloaf??)

Put a bit of oil in the skillet and turn burner on to medium heat. In a few minutes add the eggs and green peppers (I sprinkled seasoned salt on the eggs, too). Cook until. the eggs are MOSTLY done. Then add bits of meatloaf and cook until completely done.

Wala!!! It is delicious....truly delicious.

Then, I found this DELICIOUS recipe on an ice cream cone box. It sounds really weird, but it is quite possibly the most delicious thing on earth.

Brownie Cones:

You will need:
6 Jumbo cones (I'm guessing if you used regular cones it would prly make about 8? And make sure you use the ones that stand up and not the waffle cones)
Brownie mix (get the value mix that only costs a dollar, or if you'd like to get a family size, you would just have to use more cones)

Preheat oven to 350F. Mix brownie mix til smooth. In a muffin pan, stand cones upright and spoon brownie mix until the cup of the cone (abt 3/4 full). Bake for 30-40 min. or until toothpick comes out clean.

The recipe on the box said to dip them in melted chocolate but I just added vanilla ice cream on top. They are delicious plain, too!
Good hot or cold! When cold, the top layer is really hart to bite through, so if you don't wanna bite hard, just cut the top part off.

Hope you enjoyed these delicious recipes! If you try any of them, let me know if you liked them!

Forever His,
Dorothy ^_^

Monday, August 1, 2011

My Sweet Sage!

So yesterday, my adorable nephew, Sage, turned 4! So I thought I would give him a birthday post!


About 14 Mo old. :)

Haha he is so silly.

One of my favorite pictures!

Sage, you were an answer to my prayers! I am so thankful for the adorable sweet little person you are! You were my buddy when I felt like I had none. Your love is incredible. To see you love God is so sweet and precious to me and I hope that you will love Him and serve Him all of your days!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY BUDDY!!! I wanna be your friend forever. ^_^


Nenu <3 <3 <3