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Lyrics to "Oh Crazy Disaster"
Verse 1:
I wake up, it's another day,
Another uphill battle I don't know if I can climb
I look for inspiration, it comes then it turns on me.
So many choices impossible to make,
Confusion all around, a great big wall that's hard as iron.

Oh crazy disaster, I thought I'd die in your arms,
And never be found.
Your solution was nowhere and I was lost in your grasp,
You never let go.
But someone stronger than you made a way,
Someone tore His way through your webs-
You can't have me.

Verse 2:
The day I walked out of the office, I felt like an outcast.
Didn't know how to explain, or if it even helped.
There was another wall,
But I climbed that one, too,
Or rather I was lifted over.
The bad will never prevail,
The light will always be stronger.


You can't ruin my life,
He won't let you hold me back.
You can't tell me what to do,
I've silenced your voice.
I'll do what it takes to keep you far away.

Lyrics to "Anyways"
Verse 1:
Back to the closet, fingers pressed to the ears,
As hard as they'll go.
I only let go to make sure,
Everything was ok.

Then things changed my world turned upside down,
And I bounced like a rubber ball.
They yelled, cried, and lied,
I put on a disguise,
And lived my life like a teenage rockstar.

But you were there through it all,
When I took my falls.
Everytime I cried, you mopped up the mess.
Where would I be, if all along you weren't there?
What would I say, if you hadn't taught me another way?
No matter my mistakes, I'm with You all the way.
I'll keep fighting, keep climbing up this hill.
You're pulling me anyways.

Verse 2:
I wandered through life, believing that I was cool,
Then You changed me.
You showed me who I really was,
Who I was meant to be.

Things got to me, the demon set its traps,
And I bounced like a rubber ball,
Between all the lies,
I put on a disguise.
And lived my life like a perfect person.


Cause I can't do this, I keep trying,
Been working my whole life, can I really believe it?
That You would accept me in every heartbeat?

Lyrics to "You and Me" 
Verse 1:
Do you remember this?
It was the night she left for the second time.
You came in after the rage, after she drove away.
You taught me to play my guitar like this.
Do you remember this?

Chorus 1:
You and me, it's always been you and me.
Never did like those Daddy's girls, until I became one.

Verse 2:
Years have passed, and she never came back,
But you've shown a side I've never seen.
You'd do anything to make it right,
And everything to show me that you care.
Look as you now.

Chorus 2:
You and me, it's always been you and me.
I never dreamed it would be this way, but here we are today.
The more I spend time with you, the more like you I am.
You give me all of your talent, I give you all of my humor.
You teach me what it means to be one of us.
Look at us now.

Making fools of ourselves, horrific if anyone saw,
it's you and me, I love you and me.
Talk for hours about our God, go deeper than I thought we could,
it's you and me, I want you and me.

Chorus 3:
You and me, it's always been you and me.
You've taught me more about myself, than I could have learned.
Faith is is such a truism, even though we disagree,
We'll always be you and me.

All lyrics ©2012 Dorothy Marie Music

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