Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Post #12: A Movie Review

My movie is..........................:


Alot of you have probably never seen this movie, or even heard of it.
It is one of my Dad's favorite movies and so after a lot of debate, I finally watched it.
A couple falls in love with Paris during WWII after knowing very little about each other. The woman, Ilsa, was previously married but believed her husband to be dead. The man, Richard, is somehow going to be caught by the Germans for something that was not quite clear to me, therefore, he and Ilsa devise a plan to get away before the Germans march into Paris. However, Ilsa leaves Rick with a note telling him simply that she loves him but can never see him again. Then, years later they run into each other in Casablanca, a town in Morocco. Ilsa is married (she had to leave because she found out her husband was alive), and Rick owns a saloon and has become a very selfish man. The rest of the film involves Ilsa and her husband trying to escape Casablanca.

Apparently, this movie is very near and dear to the baby boomer generation, who can identify with it quite well since WWII was still prevalent to them growing up. As for me, I can identify with that time period as much as oil mixes with water, so the war factor of the movie did not interest me. However, I did enjoy the love story. I would rate it as a moderate movie, but it all depends on what person you talk to. It has never gotten a bad review and many people love it, so I think it is an excellent movie.
There was nothing bad in it at all except some inappropriate dress and *gasp* kissing.


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