Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Post #13: An Interview With a Fellow Blogger

For this post I am going to interview one of my best friends.

Her awesome personal blog (HIGHLY RECCOMEND!!!) is Inexpressible Joy.

Hailing from good ole Ar-Kansas, without further ado....Elissa :D

What is your favorite color?
Blue!! I love blue :). But, I like black, green, purple, and pink too. In that order…kinda.

What chore is your favorite and what chore is your least favorite?
My favorite around-the-house chore is doing dishes. It makes me feel relaxed. I like to think/pray while I'm doing it. I otherwise strongly dislike cleaning. So, cleaning the bathroom is probably my least favorite.

Name your most favorite bands/artists?

Oooh, this question will have an overwhelmingly long answer ;)

(No particular order)

Stephanie Smith
Building 429
Anthem Lights
Thousand Foot Krutch
Hawk Nelson
Family Force 5
FM Static
Tenth Avenue North

What is your favorite school subject and what is your least?
I like school. I'm so weird. Favorite: English/Literature. Least favorite: Math.

What is your aim with your blog?
Hmm, good one. I most of all would LOVE for God to use what I write on my blog to bring other people closer to Him. That kind of sounds cheesy, but I was legit FLOORED when a couple of people told me that reading my blog actually did just that. My biggest dream is to write...to write anything that reaches people…so that's what I'm doing :).

What has God been teaching you lately?
1) God's been changing me. I have to be careful sometimes, because I actually believe I'm becoming a "better person" or something. More correctly, I'm becoming more aware of how much I need Him. And that doesn't change when I'm having a bad day.

2) I'm also learning that it doesn't really matter what happens to me, doesn't matter how broken, foolish, empty, rotten I feel, He's still there and somehow still LOVES me.

Do share with me your lovely philosophy on singleness :)))))
Hehe. Well, I have learned (the hard way!) that God's perfect will for me is what I want to pursue. If it's in His plan, He's got somebody absolutely wonderful for me out there, and I don't have any reason to believe He needs any help in that department :). Thus, I don't ever plan on dating around.
Also, this is kinda crazy, but I had this thought hit me the other day: for now, I don't actually EVER want a boyfriend. Someday, I may want a husband. But I'm okay with just seeing what tomorrow holds.
And I KNOW, honestly, it's much harder said than done to live that out. But, all I can do is constantly surrender my emotions and desires to God--I sure as anything can't control them myself. It's also about respecting other people and treating them with "absolute purity."

And please describe your awesome life living on a mountain :))
Haha! I live on a 147 acre farm with my family of 7. We raise lots of animals, and we spend a large amount time caring for those animals, and also showing them and other fun stuff through 4-H. :) I also do school, ride horses, and just live on the mountain, lol. Living on a "mountain" (big hill=mountain in AR) is awesome because there's no flood risk. But tornadoes are a scary thought, because we are up higher :S.


That's all! I really love this girl...

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  1. I really love this blogger :D I have no idea why I didn't reply to this post before, but thanks again for featuring me. You ROCK :D


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