Tuesday, December 20, 2011


So, I haven't really posted much about me lately, so I will do that now.

1. First semester was miserable. Really hard and challenging, but it payed off as I got good grades after working so hard. I actually began to adhere to my brother's advice "Take everything you want to do, and do school instead." So true.

2. Got a dog in August! Can't believe I didn't even post about him... Let's see if my computer will let me put up some pictures of him. He is a black lab/mix. We are not sure with what but currently suspect pit bull (don't fear, he is a big baby and very sweet, not like a mean pit at all)

This is more of what he looks like now, but he was smaller in this picture. He is now 6 months and over 40 pounds.
Chewing...what he does best.
This picture is from the first day I got him....adorable!!!

A picture that my awesome friend Tessa took with her awesome camera.
This is a very accurate portrayal of his face.

My best friend does foster care for the humane society (when animals are too young too be adopted out they are placed in foster care where they are given constant care) and they found the poor little guy wandering the streets when we was only about a month old!! Miranda took him in and I fell in love with him. :) He, for an unknown reason,does not have a tail but simply a stub (we think someone docked it for some reason) which is actually a blessing because big dog's tails can be quite destructive...

Haha! This picture is when we first took him to the beach! He had a fantastic time!!
I love my puppy!!

Training is going moderately well. He is in intermediate training now. Once he finishes advanced I want to take him to dog school which I spent the summer working to pay for.

He is a good dog. So sweet and loving, and something very happy about him is that he stays with you. So you can let him off the leash in the front yard with very minimal fear of him running away. He doesn't chase squirrels, cars, or other dogs. He does love people though, and will occasionally run to greet random passerbyers. But he is completely harmless minus his claws, should you be unfortunate to have him jump on you (we're working on that!).

The worst part about him is his need to chew EVERYTHING, steal food from the table, and his loud incessant barking. As I said, we're working on it.

Oh wow, I didn't even tell you his name. Since he doesn't have a tail, my best friend named him Bear when she got him. He really looked just like a little bear cub. I decided I liked the name and kept it. He is lovingly referred to as: pup, izzagoodboy, my boy, and (my favorite) baby bear.

That's all I have time for now!


Dorothy :D

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  1. BEAR IS ADORABLE!!!!! I LOVE those pics of him!!! First semester was awful for me too. I like your brother's strategy ;)


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