Thursday, December 8, 2011

Blog Post Series...

Hey...I didn't really tell anyone I was doing this, but I thought it could be really fun.
Here are the post subjects:
Post 1- 10 things you appreciate about your mother

Post 2- A favorite picture and tell why it is
Post 3- A book review of a book you have recently read
Post 4- Some interesting quotes
Post 5- A favorite memory
Post 6- Write about something you could eat or drink every day for the rest of your life
Post 7- Write about your favorite season
Post 8- A desert tutorial
Post 9- Write about some things you are afraid of
Post 10- A poem you have written
Post 11- Write about a Sibling and what you appreciate about them
Post 12- A move review.
Post 13- Post an interview with a fellow blogger
Post 14- Write about a favorite Hymn
Post 15- Write about what God has taught you in the past year
Post 16- Write about something you feel strongly about
Post 17- Post some of your own art
Post 18- Write about a tradition or old custom that you think should have survived to today
Post 19- Write about a country you would like to visit someday
Post 20- A craft tutorial
Post 21- Write about a person you look up to
Post 22- Post some of your favorite jokes
Post 23- Write about some Bible verses that have impacted your life
Post 24- Post irregular words
Post 25- Write about a day in the life of you
Post 26- Write about your favorite author
Post 27- Recommend some good blogs that you read
Post 28- Write about what you would like to do with your life in the future
Post 29- A favorite recipe
Post 30- Host a contest
Sorry about the strange black highlighting....something happened when I pasted the subjects.... :S


  1. Oooh, this is a totally awesome idea! So the first day you do the first thing on the list, and the second day, the second, etc.? (sorry I'm tired so it's confusing me..) I'm SO happy your blog is working again! and its so PRETTY! :D

  2. Yes! But I'm not doing it consistently every day...just whenever I feel like it really lol :P
    Thanks,I really am too!!


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