Sunday, July 28, 2013

I Believe In This Post

Why do I listen to worthless things? Why do I continue to listen stupid music that I don't believe in.  Why don't I listen all the time to the music that MOVES me, that makes me want to curl up in a corner and cry because of it's beauty.  Why don't I support those artists and give my time, energy, and money to them?

If you want friends, you need to BE that friend you want.  Same with music. If I want support and to share my music with others and inspire, help, entertain, and love people- I need to BE the person who is inspired, helped, entertained, and loved.  Let myself go to concerts, and seriously enjoy it.  Let myself feel the beautiful music God has chosen to make appeal to me.  Live and breathe in it, write it, practice it, play it, sing it, perform it, watch it, research it.

Do what you believe in. Do what makes you happy! But most of all, let God BE your happiness.  Let every passion that burns inside you come from Him, and worship Him in all you do.  Realize that you can find beauty in everything-including what you're passionate about.  You don't have to be a pastor, or a pastor's wife, or a youth leader, or a missionary, or a counselor, or a worship leader, or even be in "Christian" music to be doing God's work.  God's work is when we follow The Great Commission and stay in His will.  We need to go into this world not judging everything by if it has the word "Christian" on it, but if it pleases God.  If it is beautiful, true, noble, worthy, of good-report. God made all things-THE EARTH IS THE LORD AND ALL ITS FULLNESS.  So make everything you touch, listen to, believe in, talk to, communicate with, live in, live with, take care of-everything- praise and honor our Great God.  Let our lives bleed His love and grace (dare I say acceptance?).

God is Good.
Jesus Saves.
The Spirit empowers.

He Is We
Starts With Me-Tim Timmons:

Chris August
Mat Kearney
Ed Sheeran
Kelly Clarkson
Kara Della Valle


  1. I love your passion and completely agree. I'm tired of spending time doing and listening to things just because people want me to. I LOVEEEEE Starts With Me too!! :D

  2. love it! God has really spoken to you Dorothy! :)

  3. You were truly inspired and inspiring! The wind of the Spirit blew and you caught the breeze!!! I find Tim Timmons inspiring too.


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