Saturday, July 7, 2012

You're Gonna Have All Of Me

I want Him to have all of me.

I spend so much of my life trying to fit God into my life, but I want Him to BE my life.  I want that fire again, the fire that burns inside and makes every day a mission for Him.  The fire that says I wanna know YOU more, I wanna be like YOU.  I don't want to just make sure I'm not doing the wrong things, I want a passion to do the right things.

But I'm not gonna just stand here wishing that the fire would come.  I'm gonna ignite it. I'm gonna make an effort to put into practice the wonderful things I learned at camp about prayer.  I'm gonna spend time with God, not just do my devotions.  I'm gonna worship Him unashamed in all I do.  I'm going to live how I believe.  I'm gonna only care about what He thinks about me.  I'm going to be who HE wants me to be, not other people.

(All Of Me by Matt Hammitt)

What do you think of all this?


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