Thursday, September 1, 2011

Pre- Birthday

Well, today is the last day I am living as 15 years old.

Pretty crazy.

Just thinking of how God has changed me and brought me through so much in my short 16 years is truly amazing!

"Thoughts of You, and how You changed me, fill my mind....You still loved me even when I, pushed you away...You stood there and waited, until the day I returned."

This song, "Thoughts of You" by BarlowGirl really relates to me.

God has changed me so much its incredible:
Instead of being really mean, He made me kinder.
Instead of being a feminist, He made me pretty much the biggest girly girl ever.
Instead of desiring to be worldly, He has given me a fire for Him.
Instead of liking secular music way better, He's given me a special love for Christian music.

I'm in a song quotey mood so here is some:

"You are more, beautiful than anyone, ever, everyday, You're the same, You never change, no never." ~"There is No One Like You" by BarlowGirl

"For You I sing, I dance, rejoice in this Divine romance, lift my heart, and my hands, to show my love." ~"Divine Romance" by Phil Wickham

"Had I the guilt, of all the world, He's able to forgive, why should I fear the debt is payed, if only I'd believe." ~Hymn

^School picture for 15 yrs old. Goodbye 15!!

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  1. 16 has been my best year so far! Happy Birthday!


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