Thursday, July 28, 2011

Fashion with a Meaning

Not sure if you guys have heard of this, but I've heard on tv from fashion people, that you should (if you want to) pick one thing and make it your special fashion ornament. Basically something such as bows, peace signs, feathers, pearls, or even something as simple as bracelets. So every so often you add this distinguishing sign to your wardrobe to, I suppose, make it more "you". I've found that some people pick it themselves, some are chosen for them by their friends :).

I recently picked mine. :D

I picked..............


Why: About a year ago I was going through a stressful time. Some people who are close to me were not getting along and so it was frightening me. I was at a party and was really stressed so I had to go in the bathroom and pretty much just cry. I had my Bible in my purse and so I read it. I felt the peace of God in my countanance. When I got up and looked in the mirror I saw my anchor necklace that my uncle had bought for me only about a week ago. The reason why I got that necklace, the song "Anchor" by Satellites and Sirens, floated through my head: "All around the tide is pulling away, You anchor, anchor me down". That sent happiness through me and I smiled as I held the necklace and played the song in my head. Then I felt better.

So that's why I picked anchors as my fashion mantra. To remind me that I am anchored in Him, FOREVER.

Forever His,

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