Friday, May 25, 2012

Life Lately

Hello dear followers!

Well....a lot of you probably know this already...but I got accepted into Actors Models and Talent for Christ! I went to an open call audition and auditioned for singing mainly and acting as a second.  I didn't even walk for them but they called the next day and said I was a three way fit for singing acting and modeling, which is pretty cool!  So right now I am doing intensive training since I'm going on the fast track and going to the SHINE convention in July.  I have a lot of training and catching up to do!

AMTC is a launch pad for careers into the entertainment industry with a heavy focus on being a light for God in that dark place.
At the SHINE convention there will be scouts from acting, singing, and modeling companies.

The Convention is in Florida in early July at a nice resort...I'll get to feed ALLIGATORS!! haha

So yeah....please be praying for me as I am very stressed out with my life changing so fast. Also please be praying for financial provision as it is VERY expensive (like, $5000).

Thank you guys for reading!

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Forever His,
    Dorothy :)


  1. How exciting Dorothy! I will be praying for you, and please keep us posted on your blog!

    So, what are you hoping to do after your training and all?

  2. You know, today I was just thinking, I really want Dorothy to be famous. :P

  3. Tessa, STINKING LOVE YOU. Kenna- It really depends on what happens at the convention, I could get call backs and be offered singing acting or modeling jobs, but I probably will just return and keep working on my music :) It is a really great training experience though and I can always go back to the SHINE Convention if I wanted to pay for it again :)


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